Social Media Syndrome


OMG! Guess who just retweeted me?! I feel so special, I’m a badass, she’s like, verified and all, I must be doing something right for her to follow me on Twitter. This just made my day! Is this a subtweet about me? What? She doesn’t like all the pics I post? My selfies? My opinions? My adorable pups? I’m so fucking angry, I knew she was stalking my timeline and had some kind of issue with me. I mean, I don’t even know her in real life, what is wrong with people?! I’m blocking her. This just put me in a shit mood.  UGH, I can’t believe he unfriended me! Does he have a jealous, new girlfriend who won’t let him be friends with girls that are just his friends? Oh look who just got engaged? Why aren’t I engaged yet? What is wrong with me? How come she did and I am still waiting? Bermuda, Bahamas c’mon pretty mama you’re on another fucking vacation? Why aren’t I traveling that much? Should I be? I like being a homebody, is that weird? Is something wrong with .. ME? Aw.. finally.. He’s down on one knee, I’ve been waiting for this day since I was a little girl, HE JUST PROPOSED!!! Wait, babe can you do it again, I want to Insta-Story the proposal with a few filters to really make this moment really special. Hmm…. I feel so insecure, I didn’t check-in at the gym today, people are totally going to think I’m slacking off and falling off the wagon. I feel fat, depressed and anxious. I will start a strict regimen Monday. Feeling motivated now..Long day at work, let me unwind and check Facebook…..Flashbacks to when my parents used to argue the legitimacy of Amway back in the 80’s as I read some of these posts. Why do I care? To each his own. People are selling just about anything and everything, some might be good and some are as great as the Pyramids in Egypt… Just 5 more minutes of cyber stalking the almighty internet.. ugh..shit noooooo…..another animal cruelty video.. Fuck you!! Some things can’t be unseen, why did you have to post that.. Feeling depressed again but I really like the way I did my makeup today, let me take a few selfies.. Ahh love this filter! I look flawless, life is good again. Wahhhh…Oh Sweetie, here’s your ipad, go watch a little Sesame Street, mommy just has to take care of just a few more things…. Checks twitter, instagram, facebook, pintrest…

She just missed her baby’s first steps.

We are becoming strangers to ourselves and letting strangers dictate our life.


Why is it Catfish season all year round?



How many of you are reading this and angrily reminiscing of the time when you were in this predicament? You invested your time getting to know someone, shared countless conversations with them, intimate details only to find out in the end, they were not who they claimed to be. This epidemic seems to becoming more rampant now not only in the online dating world, but in the online social media world as well. I have personally experienced a situation where I took a chance on a prospective romantic suitor, which is scary enough for me as it is, opened up myself to him and agreed to going on a date. I was super excited since we hit it off, had great conversations, flirtatious banter and we both were attracted to each others pictures. The morning of the date, he texted me about his excitement about meeting me and he’d see me at 8pm at the restaurant. I got there about 10 minutes to eight and texted him to let him know I was sitting at the bar, but, didn’t get a response. I called , went straight to voicemail…… It’s now 9pm, I was sipping my second vodka on the rocks at the bar accepting the fact this guy was not showing up. I felt crushed, embarrassed and angry. The next day, I decided to do some investigation. I uploaded a few pictures he sent me into google to see what showed up….well, let’s just say he is NOT a famous Columbian soccer player, which was the match for the pics this guy sent me…I felt beyond duped. Checked his profile on the dating site where we met and it was deleted. Clearly, it made sense that those weren’t his pictures and who knows what was actually real since he stood me up, never returned my texts or calls and never heard from him again.  It was hard to comprehend why someone would take weeks to get to know me, for what? Was it for some weird deranged thrill ? Was it the attention he was getting from me? Did he ever plan on even meeting me? I still ponder…

I have been hearing more and more about stories like this or simply people using other peoples photos as their own and enjoying the praise of compliments. What the “Catfishers” of the world might not understand is that what they are doing is extremely abusive, hurtful and very violating to the people they prey on. Especially in this day and age, it is beyond insensitive to mislead people into thinking they are someone they are not because it ends up breaking their trust, ego and confidence. IT IS CRUEL… I truly believe people who engage in this fraudulent act have either emotional or psychological issues they should recognize and get help. Playing with peoples emotions is extremely harmful and can cause long lasting damage, not to mention, trust issues with future relationships.

If you see something, say something. If you know someone is catfishing someone , the humanly thing to do is to share your knowledge and prevent someone who is opening their heart either romantically or as a friend, from being another Catfish victim.



Hello my friends both near and far! I’m back to blogging after quite some time. What’s new with me? Hmm.. Priscilla is still the most adorable pup (who happens to be sleeping next to me right now), I just turned 36, met the amazing Stephen Trask , my business is thriving strong in the US and Canada, have a flourishing thing going on in the love department that’s pretty promising and oh my biggest addiction? TWITTER!

So about a year and a half ago my life changed.My sister introduced me to hashtag games on Twitter! At first, I thought it was pretty cool for when I had the chance to play occasionally. My sister was very patient and a great teacher to show me how to play these games. I started by playing the hashtag game for the show @Midnight on Comedy Central where they release a hashtag 30 minutes before the show and give props on top tweets, They also select a winning tweet for each game and air it on the next nights show (I have had the winning tweet once so far!) . I now host my own game on Tuesdays at 3pm est and co-host a hashtag game with my sister every Sunday at 10am est sooo………

Yes, my name is Jillian and I am a hashtag game addict!

There are so many fun hashtag games always going on day and night. Through the hashtag community (@TheHashtagGame is a great leader in the hashtag community btw), I have met so many amazing people that I now call my friends.These people are not only fun to hashtag with, there is a lot you get to share and learn about these awesome people on a personal level. Hashtag games have been a great outlet and a fun break from work or life where I can tap into my creative/mildly funny part of my personality for the Twitterverse to see. There are some funny and genuinely amazing people I have met that I interact with now more often that some of my friends in real life. Hashtagging can be whatever you want to make of it, I find it brings laughter and unity for people across the world who like to participate and can also be used to help raise awareness for different causes. It allows me to show my unfiltered personality and you can also learn a lot about people you might have never connected with if it wasn’t for these games.

Be warned though, some people might not like your tweets,  or not realize your tweets are meant for a hashtag game (or just plain assholes) can be quite nasty. These are commonly known as Trolls.

So, if you have not played a hashtag game before, you can follow me on there @Pheramuse and I would be more than happy to help explain or answer any questions, always trying to help out because these hashtag games are fun and addicting!

The best Musical, Movie, Everything..Hedwig and the Angry Inch

I have watched a lot of movies with great soundtracks and have endured a lot of great Broadway Shows, but this is different. My first time seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway I was blown away by this beautiful story that has touched my heart and has a special place there eternally. I have seen the show on Broadway 10 times with most of my friends and family and plan on going back for more.

John Cameron Mitchell one of the creators and the Beautiful Hedwig truly gives meaning to artistry. Stephen Trask who is the lyrical genius behind the Show and movie is not only responsible for the sole music I work out to daily, but, I can only describe his work as “lyrically orgasmic”. I have never experienced a story that has made me be able to progress in certain situations in my life where I felt quite stuck. From the feedback I hear from others, this story has touched everyone, in their own personal ways. That to me is extremely rare to find and I’m forever grateful to the entire cast and contributors to what I believe (along with many many others), one of the best Broadway Shows and story I have ever seen. I needed to write about this since this experience is a constant in my life and really has enlightened me on a personal level.

If you haven’t seen Hedwig an the Angry Inch on Broadway yet, get your tickets. I have seen almost every actor perform as Hedwig and luckily the mastermind , John Cameron Mitchell several times and it is a show you do NOT want to miss!!! You will be singing these songs for the rest of your life!

Thank you Hedwig for making me feel so “Optimistic” 🙂hedwig

Just when you think you could never feel more embarrassed…

So, I have been super diligent on my resolutions I have committed to for the New Year; eating healthy, gym daily, continue to grow my business and drink less….er….

After an arduous work week last week boy was i ready for Happy Hour (which happened to have started at 3pm) Hey, I’m the boss, it’s allowed ! Music was flowing, laughing with one of my employees and awaiting one of my besties to pick me up to get a bite to eat. Typical Friday local hang out for some dinner and drinks and then on to Karaoke.. (Yes, a not so secret obsession and a Friday night ritual). After feeling quite accomplished and proud of my frequent performance (Aerosmith “What it Takes”) and ready to call it a night. Got cheers and High Fives as I departed and hopped into a cab.

Once I got home, I thought it would be a fun idea to text my ex boyfriend who I haven’t seen or really spoken to in like 5 years a picture of my puppy that we got together but could not find my cell phone…After this I’m not sure if it was my high level of alcohol consumption or embarrassment that wanted to transport me to another planet. So what does one do when they can’t find their cell phone? Call 911. About 10 minutes later, I get a knock at the door, opening it up to two stern looking police officers who were attending to the 911 call that I made in desperate search for my cell phone. The handsome officer was very helpful I even offered him a shot of Mr Goose. After about 20 minutes the other officer asked me the million dollar question since I was holding my house phone, “Have you tried to call your cell phone ma’am?”. Within that moment, I felt all the anticipatory anxiety one can imagine as I slowly dialed my cell phone number praying it would not be heard.. I hear the faint ringing coming from my coat jacket pocket that I had left in the other room. They gave me look worth a thousand words and wished me a good night.

My makeup on my face now slightly faded and alcohol still brewing inside me,I locked the  door, proceeded to get into pj’s and text my ex a picture of my amazing puppy, Silla, (we brought her home together years ago before we broke up) and the text simply said “Our chosen angel”. I had forgotten to turn the camera around to face Silla who was across from me so after not seeing me for 5 years, he got a text at 12:30am of half of my face, up close, makeup smudged,titled “Our Chosen Angel”. Suffice to say, Have not heard back from him since. Luckily , I did not end up arrested, or fined for my emergency 911 call and I publicly apologize to the operator and officers for whatever I have said. I blame it on Fireball!!!!